Science Defeats Crap - AGAIN

For years, the "we refuse to believe that pumping millions of tonnes of waste crap into the atmosphere of our planet is in any way harmful" crowd have been relying on a work of fiction to bolster their claims - the notion that the climate changes we see around us on a daily bases are caused by cosmic rays.


So, scientists in the UK, being scientists and therefore guided by scientific principles, did scientific experiments, and scientifically produced huge amounts of scientific evidence that shows that the aforementioned notion is - well - complete twaddle.

Thank science for that.

Man, Insomnia Sucks

I had to leave work early with a migraine which was making my head pound like a rude boy was driving it and my stomach eject its contents with extreme force. I went straight to bed and, after three and a half hours sleep, went from "man, I'm gonna die" to "man, I'm never getting back to sleep."

Wary of waking Mrs Doombreed, who has to get up tomorrow even earlier than I do, I slipped from the bed and came in here to play some Warbook.

Warbook is not as much fun when you have a level 50 magician who's decided to turn your kingdom into his own private Salisbury Plain and his hitting you with 30-odd fireballs a day, wiping out 90% of your army as soon as you recruit it.

Still, I'm going down fighting.


So how's the weather there?

May have to switch to writing on my novel.