An extreme blast from the past

Thanks to Bing, who sent me this video via my facebook page.

The show is real. I grew up watching Rainbow, and all characters and puppets are real and acting in character, however, this episode never aired.

Rumour has it that this was filmed as a joke for a Christmas party, and the tape was released much later. This hasn't stopped many people who tout this as a genuine, aired episode.

Whatever, it's hilarious.

Cheers Bing.


Friday Cat Blogging

"Am I living in a box
Am I living in a cardboard box
Am I living in a box..."

Loki, for reasons best known to himself, pretends to be homelesskitty.

Friday Rodent Blogging

Selene, looking into a new career as a stuntgerbil for the movie industry, prepares to practice her death-defying leap off of a house act.

When I were a lad...

A financial advisor in Hertfordshire has been ordered to pay £75 to three kids who "teased" him over his mustache.

The world has changed. Had I gone to my parents to tell them that a man had threatened me because we were yelling insults at him, my dad would have given me a thick ear and dragged me to the guy to apologise.

Now you get spending money for it.

I'm 33. There's no way I should be using, in all seriousness, phrases like "in my day" and "when I was young".

It's not just that the world is changing. It's that it's changing so bloody fast..


News From The Land Of The Bizarre

Cops Arrest 11-Year-Old Driving A Car At Over 100mph.

Apparently his parents have been letting him drive for six months.

That's it. No editorialising. I think the article is unbelievable enough as it is.


Friday Rodent And Cat Blogging

Cats And Laundry: Innocent Flirtation Or Sinister Obsession?


Laundry day brings much that is not fun, but watching Loki play is definitely a plus. He even climbs into the laundry basket to make himself comfortable amongst the clothes:

Once the clothes have been bagged up and await transport to the laundry room, Loki watches over them with care:

However, this playful fun hides a much darker secret, as our reporter uncovered the shocking truth. Cats worship laundry. Using a secret hidden camera our reporter went undercover to get the following disturbing images.

Here we see a cat clearly bowing down to the pile of fresh laundry, prostrating in worship:

And here, an adherent leads his followers in a hymn of praise for the lemony-fresh scent:

And finally, in what appears to be a ritual cleansing, one worshiper takes a bath, right on the clothes:

The revelations have caused a stir in the Doombreed household.

A spokesperson for the household's rodent constituency said "I don't want that laundry-worshiping freak anywhere near me.

"Although that's got more to do with his dagger-like claws and nasty teeth - not to mention his homicidal nature - than his religion" she went on. "But you've got to admit that praying to a bunch of clothes is just loopy."

At time of press, the cat constituency had refused to comment on the pictures.


Oh bugger..

The new BBC catalogue arrived today, which means I'm going to spend a while looking through it at all of the things I miss.. Only Fools And Horses.. Are You Being Served?.. The Young Ones.. Dad's Army.. Last of the Summer Wine.. Carry On.. The Avengers.. The New Statesman.. Monty Python.. The Day Of The Triffids.. Dangermouse.. Cadfael.. The Sweeney.. both Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes..

They just don't make telly like that anymore.

At least there's still Dr Who.

And I'll have to reminisce quietly because Mrs Doombreed is sick.

Must go.


Bengals 13-34 Patriots

Well, it was bad enough watching the Bengals get beaten. It was worse that it was the fuckin' Patriots.

But even worse was the chronic masturbation that was going on in the commentator's booth.

These guys were jerking themselves off just as hard as they could.

I am sick and tired of hearing about how the Patriot's cheating doesn't tarnish the team or its victories.

Hey, guess what? They cheated. If that doesn't tarnish a team, I'd like to see what does.

I'm sick and tired of hearing these commentators wanking off about how the players support their coach.

Yeah, so they players stand behind their coach when he's caught cheating? What does that say about them? That they approve. It's that simple. They approve of cheating. This wasn't a mistake, it wasn't an error, it wasn't a lapse in judgment, the coach knowingly and deliberately - despite that ridiculous "misunderstanding of the rules" excuse - set out to cheat and the players are okay with that.

I'm sick and tired of hearing that the filming "didn't provide any competitive advantage" because it was "for later use".

Yeah, and how naive do you have to be to believe this was the first time they'd done it just because it was the first time they'd been caught?

And how naive do you have to be to believe that they've stopped? Oh, they may not be filming any more, but I'd bet even money that all that that means is they've stopped filming. I'd bet they've probably still got someone watching through binoculars and making notes or something.

I'm sick and tired of hearing that this is all a storm in a teacup because Bill Belichick and the Patriots were just doing what it takes to be competitive.

I don't care if being an NFL coach is a tough and competitive job. I don't care if coaches are under pressure to use every available means to win. I don't care. I don't care. Play the fucking game or don't bother showing up.

I'm not hating. The Patriots are a great team, very talented. Tom Brady may be the single best Quarterback playing at the moment. It's certainly an argument that can be made. But like the Argentinians of the eighties, the fact that they are so talented just makes the cheating all the harder to swallow.

I'm a believer in the philosophy that it's better to lose a game playing fair than it is to win cheating. Maybe I'm too old fashioned that way. Maye I'm too British that way. Maybe there's so much money in the game that the rulebook is slowly becoming irrelevant. Maybe it's okay to cheat. Maybe it's only a matter of time before Belichick positions a sniper on the roof of the stadium to take out opposing receivers.

After all, he's only doing what it takes to win.

But, tonight, I'm most sick and tired of hearing about how wonderful the Patriots are because they're beating a Bengals team that is at less than half strength, decimated by injury.

Yeah, what a triumph.