It's been a while...

It has. I started this blog with the intent of publishing something every day. And, for a while, I kept it up. Then it started to slide and, eventually, I gave it up altogether.

But I am nothing if not consistently inconsistent, so I decided to come back. This may or may not last, according to my whims. And that may or may not be true.

So, what's been going on?

Well, I am still married to the most wonderful woman in the world. That's a small miracle, given the times, but even more so given who the most wonderful woman in the world is married to. How she puts up with me, I have no idea. I am, however, grateful that she does.

New book. Renegade. And I'm working on the next, called Scrapper.

Loki is still around, growing fat and lazy and ever more entitled and pampered.

We have a new Doctor, the magnificent Mr. Capaldi, who is perfect for the role.

I have a new job, which is significantly better than any job I've ever held.

I've lost weight, hair, and a tooth. Some visual acuity, too, apparently. On the gains side, my eyebrows are larger and more aggressive than ever.

Some things are better. Some things are worse. Some things are the same. It's called life.