Praetorian 22nd - better pics

Command HQ:

Front: Colonel Ironfist
2nd Row: Medic; Veteran; Master-vox operator; Standard Bearer
3rd Row; Missile launcher team; Nork Deddog; Missile launcher team
Rear: Missile launcher team.

Rough Riders:

Converted WHFB imperial knights on Dark Elf cold ones.

Hardened Veterans:

Not too sure about the Catachan Lt as a Veteran Sergeant, but he'll do until I find something else.

Ratling Snipers:

'Nuff said

Infantry Platoon:

Looking lonely. I have to add the other two squads and maybe get some more.

Armoured Fists:

Steel Legion models.

Storm Troopers:

Plastic Cadian models.

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