Mike Reid 1940-2007

We at Legal Alien wish to pay our respects to a great man, Mike Reid who died at the age of 67.

Whilst Mr Reid will probably be most remembered for his work on the BBC soap East Enders, my fondest memories of him will always be his unbelievably hilarious stand-up shows. Reid had an impeccable sense of timing, a tremendous stage presence, and an uncanny ability to tell an old joke like it was the funniest thing on Earth. Whilst his shows were invariably adult-oriented, he never descended into the realms of crude obscenity that marked so many of his contemporaries.

He will be sadly missed, and those who were and are fans of his comedy will always wonder just what exactly a "dry slap" is.

'Ave some of tha-at.

Rest in peace, old friend. You've earned it.

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