Judge says "I hate everybody"

And the draconian society marches on. Now Lord Justice Sedley says that everyone who lives - or even just visits - the UK should have their DNA taken and stored on the national DNA database, which is already the largest in the world.

You may want to think on that. The UK has a population of 60m people. The USA has 300m. That's five times more. Yet the UK has more DNA profiles on record than the USA.

And Sedley isn't the first to suggest this horrific breach of privacy. In 2006, Tony Blair made a similar proposal.

We can only be grateful that, at least, those north of the border still have their testicles and, what's even more encouraging, they still have hair on them. Not only did the Scottish government reject Sedley's idea, but DNA from those arrested must be destroyed if they are not prosecuted.

Real men wear kilts it seems, and give up their DNA for no man.

This makes me glad I don't live in the UK. They can have my DNA when they drain it from my cold, dead veins.

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