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Cats And Laundry: Innocent Flirtation Or Sinister Obsession?


Laundry day brings much that is not fun, but watching Loki play is definitely a plus. He even climbs into the laundry basket to make himself comfortable amongst the clothes:

Once the clothes have been bagged up and await transport to the laundry room, Loki watches over them with care:

However, this playful fun hides a much darker secret, as our reporter uncovered the shocking truth. Cats worship laundry. Using a secret hidden camera our reporter went undercover to get the following disturbing images.

Here we see a cat clearly bowing down to the pile of fresh laundry, prostrating in worship:

And here, an adherent leads his followers in a hymn of praise for the lemony-fresh scent:

And finally, in what appears to be a ritual cleansing, one worshiper takes a bath, right on the clothes:

The revelations have caused a stir in the Doombreed household.

A spokesperson for the household's rodent constituency said "I don't want that laundry-worshiping freak anywhere near me.

"Although that's got more to do with his dagger-like claws and nasty teeth - not to mention his homicidal nature - than his religion" she went on. "But you've got to admit that praying to a bunch of clothes is just loopy."

At time of press, the cat constituency had refused to comment on the pictures.

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