10 Signs You've Been Playing Way Too Much Resident Evil

When you see a potted plant, you check to see how you feel.

The sound of a dog's claws on tile makes your right index finger twitch.

When out after dark, the sight of moonlight glinting off of broken glass causes you to turn and take two steps before you realise what you're doing.

You get a quiet, nagging urge to reload before opening doors.

The sight of a parked police car gives you a surge of hope.

You think typewriters are for the weak, but still make a mental note of where you saw one.

A broom leaning against a neighbour's wall looks like it might be handy in a tight spot.

You peer into alleyways to see if there's anything useful lying around.

You understand what all of the above mean.

And number 1:

You suddenly remember that it's been a few days since you last blogged, and when you check, it's been more like three weeks...

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