I have finished writing CRUSADER, book two of the MPRD novels. With a some editing and a little luck it should be available around March/April.

So now it's on to book three: RENEGADE.

For everyone yelling for Marie to get her own book, I've decided that the fourth, after RENEGADE, will be a Marie novel. It'll probably be called SCRAPPER and will deal with Marie having to go hunting without Jack, in a team run by another hunter, someone who has good reason not to like werewolves. I'm not saying why Jack can't go hunting, that would spoil RENEGADE.

RENEGADE will also feature a 'flip-back-and-forth' between Jack's POV and Marie's, seeing as they spend much of the novel apart.

More updates wll be forthcoming as they become available.

Have a safe and fun holiday season.


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Marie said...

I've been looking for the 2nd book. Any update on it's release? I would really like to read more of your novels. Loved Pagan!