A Cleaner Future

A Cleaner Future is a website dedicated to, well, a cleaner future. From the site:

"A Cleaner Future aims to provoke, inspire, and provide information about alternative and renewable energy sources. We're not experts on what should be done, we're just concerned citizens that want there to be an earth for our children and many future generations to come."

It's a thought-provoking site, full of interesting information and informative videos. I, however, spent much time playing with the "create an oil spill" programme. Basically you can take any website and add an oil spill to it. Type "http://instantoilspill.com/?url=" into your browser, then add the website you want to despoil.

Like http://instantoilspill.com/?url=http://www.imalegalalien.blogspot.com/

Yes, you can treat the entire internet the way the oil companies treat the real world. And, of course, inevitably...

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