Okay, so Crusader is finally out. Huzzah! And so on and so forth.

On CreateSpace, on Amazon.com (Kindle and print) and Amazon.co.uk (only on Kindle as yet).

Oh, but no time to rest on my laurels. Renegade is a-calling.


Bill said...

I must say that Pagan/Jack Henderson are probably some of the greatest characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I split the two because, as you well know being the author, they seem to be separate personalities. You pointed this out after Marie ate the wolfsbane, stating that Pagan was over the issue, yet Jack would still need some time. Sorry for rambling. The books are brilliant, the characters are top notch (loved the character of Bolt), and I absolutely cannot wait for the release of Renegade. Cheers, sir.

Anonymous said...

please dont dillydally about writing renegade dont blog so much and maybe u could spend that time writing. I dont usually like male leads but i like Jack I cant wait to find out what he really is .
Please dont make us wait its crule!
ur fan

Anonymous said...

Please hurry up with Renegade!! I cant wait!

Big fan..Lina x