The Swedish town of Gavle erects, every year, a traditional Christmas goat. The 43ft tall straw statue stands in the town's central square, continuing a tradition that dates back to 1966. Goats are very important to Swedish tradition, as, apparently, a goat delivered winter festival gifts before Father Christmas took over the job.

Unfortunately, a second, less festive tradition takes place. In all but ten of the last forty years, the goat has been set on fire, sometimes within hours of being erected.

The town authorities in Gavle are hoping that this year they've got it licked. The goat has been painted in a special flame-resistant coating, and the goat is under 24-hour surveillance.

You can monitor the poor goat's progress by checking out "goatcam". There are two views available, from the side and from behind, both with large, slow-refreshing images.

You never know, keep an eye on the cams and if it does go up in flames, you may be able to capture a newsworthy image.

Or, just watch it burn, if that's your bag..

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