They Never Cease To Surprise Me

In his Easter address, Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop Of Canterbury, will "call for reconciliation around the world."

In his sermon, Dr Williams will say Christianity's most important festival - marking the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion - shows how reconciliation can be achieved in the present day.

He will say that its account of devastation followed by joy shows how if those engaged in conflict can admit their own faults, they can escape the deadlock of mutual hatred and suspicion.

Okay, I'm getting a familiar vibe here..

"Give up the struggle to be innocent and the hope that God will proclaim that you were right and everyone else wrong. Simply ask for whatever healing it is that you need, whatever grace and hope you need to be free, then step towards your neighbour.

"Easter reveals a God who is ready to give you that grace and to walk with you."

He will add: "When in our world we are faced with the terrible deadlocks of mutual hatred and suspicion, with rival stories of suffering and atrocity, we have to pray for this resurrection message to be heard."

Hey, dumbass, the majority of the world's population doesn't believe in your god. To them, your little Easter tale is nothing more than a fairy tale. It is not instructional, it doesn't point the way to anything, it reveals nothing. It was a story invented to take Eostermonath away from the Pagans. It means nothing to most of the people on the planet.

Happy Eostermonath, everyone. Hope the fertility Goddess blesses you and yours.

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