Birthday Meme

I was randomly trawling aroung the blogosphere when I chanced upon a blog which mentioned "The Birthday Meme". Sadly, I don't remember which blog it was on.

The aim of the meme is to post your birthday, and then post three events, two births and one death from that day in history.

So, here goes:

20th June:


1214 - University of Oxford receives its charter.

1756 - British garrison imprisoned in the Black Hole of Calcutta.

1963 - The so-called "red telephone" was established between Soviet Union and United States following the Cuban Missile Crisis.


1389 - John, Duke of Bedford, regent of England (d. 1435)

1909 - Errol Flynn, Australian actor (d. 1959)


451 - Theodorid, King of the Visigoths

Interestingly, 20th June is also the Day of the Royal Victorian Order, and, in ancient Rome, was the day of the festival of Summanus, the god of nocturnal thunder.

Specialist kind of god, apparently.

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