one red paperclip

one red paperclip is the title of Kyle MacDonald's blog, but it's also the start of an incredible journey - and I use the term in it's proper sense, meaning "not credible", simply because the story is so unbelievable.

MacDonald decided to see if he could trade a paperclip for a house. Seriously.

And he's nearly there.

First, he posted a picture of a single red paperclip, asking for trades. He was offered a fish-shaped pen for it. Then, he traded the pen for a novelty doorknob. Then he traded that for a camping stove, which was traded for a generator, which was traded for a beer keg, a neon bud sign and a promise to fill the keg with beer.

Many trades later, Macdonald finally traded a record contract for a year in an apartment in Phoenix, AZ.

Okay, not quite the house he was looking for, but he's still looking to keep on trading up.

Seriously, this is incredible.

Mr Kyle MacDonald, you hereby recieve the Legal Alien salute and the designation "top bloke."

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