Lucky Number Slevin

No, that's not a typo. The film is called Lucky Number Slevin and, although the title and advertising pieces have the "L" in "Slevin" as an upside-down "7", any similarities with Se7en end with that and Morgan Freeman.

This movie is outstanding. It's hard to talk about it without giving away the many plot twists, but here's it sanitised:

Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is visiting Nick in New York after losing his job, his apartment and his girlfriend where, immediately upon arrival, he's mugged and his wallet stolen. Upon arrival at his Nick's apartment he finds his friend missing and mobsters there, all set to embark on a massive case of mistaken identity. Nick owes both The Boss and The Rabbi (Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley, respectively) - rival mob bosses terrified to leave their fortified penthouses - large amounts of money, and Bruce Willis plays pretty much the same role as he did in The Jackal. Lucy Liu plays Nick's neighbour who sets out to unravel the mystery of Nick's whereabouts and...

...the Spoiler Police would lock me up if I told you any more details.

This is a great movie. Dramatic and entertaining. Intelligent and darkly humourous. And, yes, a little Tarantinoesque in the blood content at times.

Well worth watching.

Doombreed Rating: *****

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