Happy Birthday, ma'am

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 80th birthday tomorrow. Unlike the rest of us, who can usually connive a day off, Her Majesty is going to be hurtling around, shaking hands, receiving visitors, and, most likely, chatting with people puffed up with their own importance. Still, at least she gets another crack at it on her official birthday in June.

Two birthdays? Sweet.

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty.

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Notorious Apostate said...

It may be a funny feeling for dyed in wool republican like myself (that would be republican in the sense of not supporting the idea of a monarchy and not in the sense of supporting a Bush monarchy) but I really am very fond of the old girl. Happy birthday to her, I say. And I hope she'll still be around to receive hand-made birthday cards from my little girl in a few years.