Blair: 'ID cards will go ahead'

Looks like it's only a matter of time before ID cards are to be issued to everyone in the UK.

Let's be clear, here. That's ID cards as in "thing that people in free countries do not have because they don't live in dictatorships".

What's worse is that, like so many similar harebrained schemes, this one is going ahead despite being horrifically flawed. Which means that UK taxpayers are going to have to pay for the cards, the mechanism to put them in place, the police to stop and demand to see them, and to fix everything that's wrong with a scheme most don't want to go ahead in the first place.

And my countrymen voted that grinning twat Tony Blair back into power.

Just look at this section from the Beeb's Q&A:

"During WWII the ID card was seen as a way of protecting the nation from Nazi spies. But in 1952, Winston Churchill's government crapped the cards. The feeling was that in peacetime they simply were not needed. In fact they were thought to be hindering the work of the police, because so many people resented being asked to produce a card to prove their identity."


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