Germany 2006 Day 20

So, Germany went through to the semi-finals, after a long, punishing game that went to extra time and then penalties.

I can't say I'm upset that Argentina's going home (yes, as someone who saw it live, I'm still annoyed about the "Hand Of God"), especially as it means Germany goes on. Somehow, a World Cup where the hosts go out too early just doesn't seem fun to me.

And Italy went through, at the expense of Ukraine, but nobody was surprised by that.

Two for two on yesterday's predictions.

England are up tomorrow.

Portugal, despite being minus two players, are more dangerous than they seem. Like the hosts, and unlike England, they've won every game of the tournament so far. Just because they're not Brazil or Germany, does not make for an easy match.

I'm biting the bullet and predicting England to win. Also Brazil, but you knew that.

France, however, could, in theory, produce the upset of the tournament and send the champions home.


Watch out. If the England - Portugal game goes to penalties, we're going home. We just have no luck with sudden-death penalty shootouts.

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