THAT flag - the plot thickens

Football365 has made an offer - all their Germany 2006 assorted crap to the person who is responsible for the minge flag. All they must do is send in a snap of themselves with the item in question.

But in a new development, a reader informs F365 that the Minge on the flag may well be the nickname of a friend who is, predictably, ginger*, because the flag also contains the nickname of a mutual friend, Johnny T.

Whilst you're on F365, don't miss their selection of tshirts, including the awesome "I'm English, therefore I drink, swear and queue" and the equally awesome "England: Powered by chips and beer".

*for Americans, and other people who do not understand British humour, including many Brits, the word "minge" is a slang term referring to the female sexual organs. However, a person who is ginger-haired and of the complexion that makes one think that the carpet matches the curtains, so to speak, may often be referred to as "ginge minge", whether male or female.

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