Germany 2006 Day 23

Well, with Portugal out, it's an Italy vs France final in Berlin.

What a World Cup this has been, a rollercoaster of emotions. We were delighted when Ghana made it out of their group. Thrilled that first-timers Ukraine got all the way to the quarter-finals. Stunned beyond words when Brazil tumbled out. Depressed by England falling - yet again - to penalties. Saddened by Germany's exit. And completely indifferent to the prospect of Italy facing France in the final.

I just .. don't care.

Any other potential matchup from the quarter-finals on up, and I'd have picked a team to get behind. Any other teams in the final and I'd have moved mountains to watch. Yeah, I'll still watch, it's still the World Cup final, but I'm actually more interested to see Portugal get a crack at the hosts on the 8th in the third-place match.

I guess there's some pride that 6 out of the final 8 were European, and all of the final four were, too, but Italy vs France is, for me, like trying to decide between fried or boiled eggs. I don't eggs, so the method of preparation is meaningless. I don't like Italy or France. Why should I care which one wins?

I guess the major problem is that neither side is the clear underdog, and I do so love to pull for the underdog. And, failing the underdog, I like to pull for the team which is less smarmy, less arrogant. But they're both smarmy. I see nothing to justify one over the other.

I guess I'm going to predict Italy.

And Germany over Portugal.

And a mildly entertaining, if anticlimactic, final.

BTW, check out England's big achievement for this World Cup: The only team to feature on the top ten tallest and shortest players.

We rock.

Edit: It's Portugal who are out. Poland too, but that's not news to anyone.

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