Y'know, I was getting used to all of the "Jesus/Mary is in my [insert material/item in which, or on which, a vaguely blobby shape has been found]" crap that goes on over here, best exemplified by the utterly stupid "Our Lady Of The Underpass" or The Virgin Mary Mother Of God and her appearance in a grilled cheese sandwich. It's curious that these mysterious "appearances" in various pieces of completely coincidental stains/reflections/grains are most often found in 3rd world countries or the US.

Well, apparently, people in England are also that stupid.

In a gift to the so-called pro-life lobby, an English couple have an ultrasound scan of their baby, with Jesus keeping watch over the lil tyke as he sleeps.

Jesus is, apparently, a goat. Or a camel. Or grotesquely deformed.

Or, it's not Jesus and it's, maybe, the baby's arm? Or part of the umbilical cord?

Still, whatever gets you through the day..

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