Rock Star: Supernova

Well, another season of Rock Star is over.

And we ended up with Lukas Rossi.

Words cannot even begin to express the depths of my disappointment with this decision. Had the band picked Magni or Toby, Mrs Doombreed and I swore, we would buy their album and we would have tried to go see them on tour.

Either of the two guys would have had Supernova smashing their way onto the rock scene with a blast that would be creating waves decades from now.

We are eagerly anticipating both guy's solo (or band?) albums.

Lukas? Not so much.

I'm going to borrow from an old Kit Kat ad from the UK:

You can't sing. You can't dance. You look awful.

Seriously, he sings like someone just shoved a lemon up his arse and I've seen people on fire move better. The finale performance, where Lukas joined up with the band to sing Be Yourself & 5 Other Cliches, was the proof. Be Yourself is the all-new Supernova track first performed with Toby, and comparing the two just showed the massive chasm between the two artists. Toby's version was energetic, powerful, and exciting. Lukas' attempt was limp. It was like Talentless Fanboy Night at the karaoke bar.

At least they didn't go with Dilana. That would have been an unspeakable mess.

And a California judge says Tommy, Gilby, Jason and Lukas cannot call themselves "Supernova" until the lawsuit is settled.


Check out Toby's original song Throw It Away and and Magni's When The Time Comes.

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