Still a-coughin'

Yeah, still sick, but getting a little better. The antibiotics and the lung sucker are helping.

But before I head up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire (as my dad used to say), I just wanted to pass a comment on this story (a la Beeb) which breaks the news that GCSE maths will no longer involve coursework. This is because some no-doubt expensive committee went and looked and found that - gasp - perfect answers to mathematical questions were available on the Internet. Education Secretary Alan Johnson said there was "increased concerns" over whether or not students were doing all their own work.

Well duh!!

That, my dear Mr Johnson, is the very reason my teachers gave me as to why GCSE maths was a 100% examination subject when I took the course.

And that was fifteen years ago.

The Labour party: Tough on intelligence, tough on the causes of intelligence.

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