Gas prices, once more

Remember way back when, in the early birth pangs of this very blog, that I commented that gas (petrol) prices in the US were climbing around $2.50 per gallon?

Well, now they are finally back down to below $2.00 per gallon. Not much below $2.00 (my nearest station is charging $1.99 9/10 per gallon), but still, not bad.

For our British chums, that's 52 8/10 cents, or 27 79/100 pence per litre.


At petrolprices.com, the petrol in my old home town is hovering around the 89 1/2 pence per litre mark.


Good news for the motorists. Bad news for the Democrats, who were, it seemed, building some momentum going into this November's mid-term elections, from the average American-about-town's growing exasperation with having to mortgage the house and sell a kid every time they wanted to fill up their car.

Nicely timed, that whole "finding a massive oil pocket in the Gulf of Mexico" business, huh?

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