Divisional Weekend - Superbowl XLI

Well, my predictions were almost there. The Colts did, indeed, beat the Ravens in a tight game. The Saints did beat the Eagles, though it wasn't that one-sided. The Bears did put the Seahawks to rest. But the Doombreed Prediction failed to take into account both the Patriots' propensity towards cheating and the seemingly unerring ability of the refs to ignore this.

I mean, how bad does the refereeing have to be when a player can get hit in the face and called for it as though they were doing the hitting?

Well, the Conference Championships are next week. In the NFC, the Bears host the Saints, and the AFC has the Patriots going to see the Colts.

I'm pulling for the Colts and the Bears. In both matches, they are the better team, and both can win if they decide to. Both teams have home-field advantage. The Colts have trounced the Patriots twice in their own stadium, and the Colts defence has some new tricks to play. The Bears are just killing offensive lines left and right and, if Rex Grossman plays like he did today, they should dispatch the Saints, although it could get tight.

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