Wildcard Weekend - Superbowl XLI

This weekend was Wildcard Weekend, being the first week of the Playoffs. All four wild card teams lost, so there will, unfortunately, be no repeat of Superbowl XL, where the Pittsburgh Steelers came, saw and conquered after qualifying as a no-hoper.

The Jets fell to the Bastards - sorry, Patriots - by 37-16. The thrice-damned Eagles took out the Giants, 20-23, mostly by being every bit as vicious and unsportsmanlike as the Bastards - sorry, Patriots. The Colts whomped on the poor Chiefs, much to the annoyance of the commentators, beating them 23-8. And the Seahawks, aided and abetted by some very dodgy refereeing calls, beat the Cowboys 21-20.

Next saturday sees the Colts going to Baltimore to see the Ravens and the Eagles going to New Orleans to play the Saints.

The Doombreed Predictions here are the Colts beating the Ravens in a very tight game, and the Saints beating seven flavours of holy shit out of the Eagles in a game laugably one-sided.

Sunday has the Seahawks - without their 12th man - going to Chicago to meet the Bears, and the Bastards - I'm not even correcting myself anymore - going to San Diego to go up against the Chargers.

The Doombreed Predictions here have the Seahawks going nowhere against Brian Urlacher and a few of his closest, biggest, ballsiest friends. This is a game that the Bears offense will win if they have the will. The Bastards will, quite simply, get their various clocks cleaned by a Chargers team that just doesn't put up with that kind of crap.

Maybe that last one was less of a prediction and more of a bright, shining hope. Still, cold assessment has to give the game to the team that's fielding the league's MVP.

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