Hoax Email!

Here's another little fishing expedition fresh from my inbox. Enjoy.

Prospective Partner,

Good day to you and your's.

Let me first of all wish you and your family
I am Engr.Rudolf Christians, a senior manager,
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MPNR)
Lagos, who has been delegated by my colleagues to
seek the assistance of a reliable foreigner or
company into whose credit (bank account) we can
discreetly transfer a huge amount of money which
came as a result of over invoiced contracts awarded,
executed and commissioned under the past military
Our modalities for the remittance of the funds as
a contract payment has already been perfected.
The said funds arose from a deliberate
over-invoicing of contract bills for contracts, awarded by
the ministry of petroleum and natural resources
(MP&NR) during the administration of the former
military dictator late, General Sanni Abacha who
died on 7th June 1998. Since then the money has
been lying in the suspense account of Ministry of
Petroleum & Natural Resources with the Apex
government bank here.
However, the current favorable
political/Economical climate in the country now presents an
opportunity for this money to be Transferred out of this
country without any hitches as we hope and
believe it would be of mutual benefit to us all, if
only to have a financially secured future.
We have already set in motion the complete
machinery and modalities have been worked at the
highest level to enhance a successful commencement and
completion of this transaction, further actions
will be taken the moment we hear from you.

We have also agreed that after the transfer of
the money and confirmation in the account provided
by you (beneficiary account). You shall be
entitled to a reasonable amount as your cut out of the
total sum, which will be reached on agreement
between all parties involved.
Five percent (5%) is earmarked for reimbursement
on minor incidental expenses incured during
transactions of this nature and magnitude.

Conclusively, the nature of your business is not
particularly relevant for the success of this
transaction. All we require is your willingness to
co-operate and assist us, and also an assurance
that our share of the funds will be remitted to us
when the money credits your account.
Most importantly, we have taken all necessary
precautions to ensure a no risk situation on the
side of both parties as this transaction is expected
to be through within 7 to 10 working days.

However, if you are not interested, kindly
disregard the contents of this letter.

It is advisable to include your private Telephone
and Fax numbers when responding for easy and
effective communication.
The trust we have reposed on you at this point is
enormous and cannot be over-emphasized.
We await your prompt response to this proposal,
so that I can disclose further details of how we
intend to succeed this business together and
commence right away.

Sincerely your's,

Engr.Rudolf Christians.

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