22nd Praetorian update

My Imperial Guard regiment, the 22nd Praetorian, is about to gain some new recruits.

I bought some Warhammer Dark Elf Cold Ones, a box of the Warhammer Empire Knightly Order, and along with some plastic 40k Cadian bits left over in my bitzbox, they're going to become a squadron of Rough Riders.

My army (some of which is shown above, click pic for less crap view) already contains some nice substitute models, including Cadians used as Stormtroopers, Steel Legion used as Armoured Fist troops (because the trenchcoats would protect the Praetorian's uniforms from oil and flashburns whilst inside their vehicle) and Mordians used as heavy weapons crew (because the British Army, around the time where they dressed like Praetorians, had Royal Artillery troops in black uniforms with either black pith helmet or black cap).
Even my army commander is a sub model. The Praetorian Commissar (the one in the middle) stands in as Colonel Ironfist, the Heroic Senior Officer.

I really need to find my webcam so I can post some pictures. Most of the ones I have a pretty bad because my digital camera doesn't have a zoom.

Updates on the progress and pics will come, probably at a pace which makes continental drift seem recklessly fast.

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