Yesterday, the ever delectable Mrs Doombreed and I went to see UltraViolet, the latest comic adaptation in a seemingly endless line recently.

UltraViolet is good. It's not outstanding, but it's good. I don't know how, if at all, true to the original comics it is, but the movie is a few hours of pointless entertainment which is almost pure eye candy and very little plot.

Basically, some unidentified future government created a super virus to make supersoldiers, but the virus instead made hemophages, which are - I think - vampires. They have the strength, the speed, the fangs, the natty dress sense, but there is no actual bloodsucking in the movie. Anyway, the government moves to exterminate the hemophages, any of which can pass on the virus to a human, by establishing a totalitarian quasi-religious/medical New World Order that would make Machiavelli twitch.

Without the highbrow premise (and the interest that comes with the inclusion of John Hurt) that V for Vendetta promises, this movie was never going to rank high on anyone's social commentary list. There is very little to stimulate long, heavy discussions into the nature of man and its tendency for oppression, nor is there much for the Academy to consider worthy of a gold statue. The movie, however, is unapologetic. This is a blast of fun, frenzied, special-effects filled gaudiness, take it or leave it.

I don't think I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out, but I'm glad I saw it. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

Doombreed Rating: ***

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