Single guys, beware

I love Mrs Doombreed. I really do. But the picture above is the end result of what I used to call "a day off."

Single guys everywhere should be aware of this. When you get married, suddenly a day where you are not actually at your job is no longer defined as a day off, it is defined as a day to "get things done around the house."

In this case it was finishing off assembling the last two of four new bookcases, plus the assembly of one of two new bedside tables, and act which will involve rearranging the bedroom furniture in order to fit them in. Done, probably, on my next "day off."

But worse, oh so much worse, is that I like it. I realise that sleeping 'till 3pm and then spending the afternoon staring at the TV, moving only to get a new beer or wipe the drool off of my chin, may be more relaxing than getting up in the morning and doing stuff all day, but at the end of the day, you end up with a feeling of accomplishment rather than that nagging feeling of having wasted an entire 24 hours.

I enjoy the feeling that comes from actually having done useful stuff instead of simply knocking minutes and hours off of my life. It's satisfying, something I never thought I'd say when I was younger.

Of course, if any of you tell my wife this, I'll deny it.

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