Atheism Online

I just wanted to introduce Atheism Online to you, gentle reader. I'm already listed there (hence the linky graphic down there towards the bottom of the page with my other campaign ribbons*), but it's a great resource for people looking to read atheist blogs, opinions, forums or websites.

It's through Atheism Online that I discovered Bligbi's blog (a fascinating read, well worth the effort) and this fascinating, if long, discussion about why various atheists are - well - atheists (a question I have already answered here).

*See below the Firefox and Thunderbird graphics are two columns of little retangular graphics? They're not there for decoration, y'know. But they do remind me of those little medal ribbons that military uniforms usually have.


Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than a fanatical Christian is a fanatical Atheist. Science doesn't disprove religion and religion doesn't disprove science.

The Logical Truth

Doombreed said...

Well, thanks for destroying that particular strawman.

The Logical Truth said...

Only a fanatical atheist would call that a weak arguement, totally ignoring that it is the logical truth. It's erroneous to think science explains everything in life and death but it is as equally erroneous to believe religion explains everything.

Doombreed said...

I didn't say it was a weak argument. I said it was a stawman argument.

Go look it up.