Millions flock to Da Vinci Code

Y'know, Dan Brown owes a lot to the Catholic church. If they hadn't made such a stink about The Da Vinci Code, he would still be a relatively unknown author and his book would have never made it to film. Then, had they not made such a fuss about the movie, it wouldn't have grossed $224 million at the box office on its opening weekend.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Millions flock to Da Vinci Code: "The Da Vinci Code movie took $224m (£119m) at box offices around the world at the weekend despite controversy and bad reviews, its distributor has said.

That is the second most successful film opening in history, Columbia said."

It seems like, in this, the church is its own worst enemy. Seriously, just ignore it and it wouldn't have been a problem.

And, of course, they're still at it.

More TV documentaries, more books, more magazine articles, more crap and wind, keep appearing, all seeking to "refute" the book and movie.

(BTW, most make the mistake of trying to refute the book because it, and Holy Blood, Holy Grail, do not agree with established views of history. Which, of course, completely misses the point of both the movie and the two books, which is that established history is a fiction created in part by the Catholic church to consolidate their grip on power, and in part by the group The Priory Of Sion in order to conceal their true agenda.

It's like using The Da Vinci Code to refute all the refuting because the refuters don't agree with the book. Stupid.)

There's even some blowhard here urging Christians to take "legal action" against the movie.

Sort of a "who would Jesus sue?" kind of thing.

Again, I'm forced to wonder why Catholics are taking such pains to refute a book and movie that they are so anxious to remind us is fictional.

I don't recall this much fuss over the historical licence taken with U-571 or Braveheart, not to mention The Passion Of The Christ (there always seems to be one too many "the" in that title) or, when you get down to it, Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Maybe this one hits a little too close to home?

I would urge anyone who wants to know more about the background to the story to actually sit down and read Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

At least then you'll know why many of the charges brought against Dan Brown are simply so much guff.


Anonymous said...

The Priory Of Sion is a hoax created in 1956 by Pierre Plantard. I don't think the Church is worried about hoaxes.

The Logical Truth

Doombreed said...


The so-called "Priory Documents" are purported to have been a hoax created in 1956 by Plantard. The Priory Of Sion predates the "Priory Documents" by eight hundred and fifty-odd years.

Even the Vatican has acknowledged that there was a group called the Priory Of Sion created in the 11th century, who were heavily involved in the early years of the Knights Templar and who seem to have simply fell off the planet in the intervening years.

And again, missing the point that the novel is based on the premise that accepted history is wrong..