The Atheist's Nightmare

This is absolutely stunning. Incredible. Amazing. I hereby renounce my atheism and swear eternal loyalty to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

As soon as Whacko McStupid here can answer this question:

If the banana is so perfectly made for us, because of its shape, texture, peel, taste and colour, why aren't all fruits the same?

Seriously. Why are oranges round and - er - orange? Why are melons too big to hold in one hand and covered in that thick skin? Why don't mangoes have three ridges on the top and two on the bottom? Why don't apples have the easily removed peel?

And why can I eat the peel on some fruit, but not on others, hmmmm?

Isn't it just that the idiot picked the one fruit that his arguments would work on?

Hat tip to Bligbi.


KC said...

Forget oranges and melons - what about coconuts? How do we explain them? Did the Devil make them? Or are did God plant them so that we would be decieved?

And what's with pomegranates? Did He have to make them that dang messy? Probably some covert attempt to get us to take His name in vain.

I think I'm going to have to renounce atheism, deny God and join Satan over this. :D

Simon said...

Behold the atheist stumble as the Truth hits him - "I am talking to an idiot"

Anonymous said...

Fanatical atheists are fun to watch. "Let's blather on about nothing, give false evidence, attack Christianity and no other religion, let's overanalyze every word in the Bible not realizing you look stupid doing it(most Christians know the days mentioned in Genesis are not an Earth day, it's just a generalization), let's ignore the fact that the Bible doesn't say HOW God made man, and let's pat each other on the backs." meh

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