Doombreed's Theory Of Extremely Special Relativity

After careful first-hand observation, I have formulated the following theory:



T(v) is Perceived Time before vacation starts, in minutes;

T(o) is the Time Off, in days;

T(a) is the actual time before vacation starts, in hours;


A is the Anticipation Index, defined as the number of weeks since the last vacation ended.

Thus, it can be shown, the last 2 1/4 hours of my shift today, with A being 21, T(o) being 11, took 4 hours 15 minutes 45 seconds to go by.

This can be readily demonstrated by showing that, despite quadruple-checking my formula and readings for over two hours, the clock only moved on a few minutes.


*QED means Quod Erat Demonstrandum, which is italics for "that which was required to be shown" or, in non-nerd speak, "told ya so".

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ZoeJane said...

Somebody was bored and eagerly waiting for vacation!

I dig the innovative formula...

My blog is www.zoesjournal.com if you want to check it out and possibly exchange links. :-)

I am working on a new category for Richard Dawkins' (famous atheist scientist)latest book, The God Delusion. You might find it interesting.