Election night 2006

It's election time over here in the US and, whilst the President is President for two more years, a lot of other people are fighting for their jobs.

Early indications are that the Democratic Party are going to make a few giant leaps, maybe even take back congress.

In Kentucky's 3rd congressional district, Democrat John Yarmuth has beat out Republican incumbent Anne Northup, which was a massive upset.

Fayette county voted overwhelmingly against allowing the government to use the Eminent Domain laws to force a purchase of Kentucky American Water.

As of nowish, the Democrats have taken thirteen House seats. They need fifteen for a majority. They've also taken three key Senate seats, and now need four more for a majority there.

This is vital because President Bush had been working with a Republican Congress, so anything the Republicans wanted to do, they did. But Pres. Bush could end up spending his last two years in office the same was Pres. Clinton did, facing a hostile Congress and unable to get just about anything done.

And here's the breaking news: The Beeb is calling the House for the Democrats.

Oh dear. I foresee much blame-throwing amongst the Republicans over this one.

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