House MD

I am getting a little disillusioned with this show in this latest season.

The drama is just as compelling, the medical side is just as fascinating, Hugh Laurie is just as awesome as ever.

It's Tritter.

For those that don't watch, Dr Greg House (Hugh Laurie) and Michael Tritter (David Morse) had a typically "Housian" encounter - meaning House was rude and abusive as he always is - and Tritter came off worse, because, well, House is smarter.

But Tritter is a cop.

And a bully, an arsehole and a stubborn fuckhead.

So he's decided to go after House.

Yep, a police officer pursuing a personal vendetta.

We'll leave aside the fact that House was right and Tritter assaulted him. That's nothing.

Tritter arrests House on his way home from the hospital for DUI and resisting arrest, which he wasn't and didn't. The police know this, they admitted as much to House's Lawyer at the end of the episode Que Sera Sera.

That means it was an illegal arrest. By a cop persuing a personal vendetta. That'll get Tritter in trouble already.

But then, based on that illegal arrest, Tritter swore out a search warrant for House's apartment.

Perjury. I don't know what the technical term would be for a police officer lying to a judge to unlawfully obtain a warrant, but whatever it is, Tritter did it.

Then he executed the illegal warrant.

Where to start? That's illegal and violates the US Constitution's prohibition on unwarranted search.

Oh, and unwarranted seizure, because he took House's pills.

Tritter has harassed House at work, as well as his superiors, colleagues and subordinates, repeatedly seized or perused hospital records - which violates Doctor-patient confidentiality.

Then he froze Dr Wilson's (probably the only person in the world who counts House as a friend) financial accounts in an attempt to get Wilson to testify against House.

That would be a violation of Federal banking laws.

Ditto for Cameron, Foreman, and Chase (House's subordinates) when Tritter froze their accounts.

He involved the FDA and had Wilson's right to prescribe drugs revoked.

Again, that's Federal.

He had Wilson's car impounded.

Oh, I'm going with the Constitution again, with a side order of local or state laws.

Now, I get that there are bad cops out there. Not every police officer can be Dixon Of Dock Green or Adrian Monk, so that's not the problem

The problem I have is that House's lawyer hasn't put a saddle and bridal on that smug little bent copper and ridden him all the way to the bank.

Not only would House end up owning a large slice of the city, but Tritter - if he didn't end up in prison - would be lucky to get a job guarding a gerbil cage.

Selene says she wouldn't hire him.

And why hasn't Tritter's superiors yanked him off of a case he clearly has a personal involvement in?

And why aren't the drug squad handling this?

Look, I get that the show's writers want to introduce conflict, that Tritter is this season's nemesis - the anti-House, if you will - but this is just unrealistic.

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