Dr Who X

Some time ago, I made a note about the (then) latest season of Dr Who, starring Chris Eccleston as the Doctor.

It was good.

It was short.

One season, then pfft. Okay, at least it was a regeneration and not an ending, but still.. I liked Chris Eccleston. This new chap looks a bit wishy washy.

I refuse to like him. I do. He replaced someone who, in my opinion, was up there with Tom Baker, William Hartnell, and John Pertwee as The Greatest Doctors Ever.

I'm going to watch because, well, it's Dr Who. And, maybe, I'll give this David Tennant person a fair shake, but I won't like him. I refuse.

And now it's nine episodes into the new season (the twenty-eighth season, for those who are counting) and, crap, I do like him.

He's funny. He's different, but he's also similar enough to make it work. He's more Colin than Tom, but with echoes of the sober styling of the first few Doctors, but with an undertone of Sylvester McCoy's irreverence. And the plimsoles make a great whimsical touch.

Well, that seals it. There are no bad Doctors. The series is, officially, The Greatest Sci-Fi Show In The History Of Everything, Ever.

And The Impossible Planet's cheeky reference to EastEnders was hilarious enough to require a pause whilst I dried my eyes.

Shame it'll be lost on 99% of The Sci-Fi Channel's viewers.

And here's a plug for my favourite Dr Who site, Beavis and Duncan's Dr Who Guide. Episode synopses, cast lists, background. Excellent stuff.

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