Thanksgiving NFL

Thanksgiving traditionally has a few NFL games, and this year had an extra one.

We watched the Cowboys stuff the Buccaneers, 38-10, giving Tony Romo 5 touchdown passes, equaling Troy Aikman's Cowboys record, and breaking the "touchdown passes thrown on Thanksgiving by a Cowboys quarterback" record. The Cowboys are gaining - sigh - Romomentum (thanks Madden) after a really shaky start to the season.

Earlier in the day, we half-watched the Dolphins beat the Lions, but we couldn't watch the Chiefs beat the Broncos because our cable company does not carry "those" games.

There's a new channel - NFL Network - that is showing eight games this season, on Thursdays and Saturdays, but a lot of cable providers are refusing to show those games at no extra cost to the consumers (which they should, because those games have all been taken from channels that are on basic cable), which means that Mrs Doombreed will be unable to watch the Cowboys - Falcons game on December 16th, and I'll miss the all-important divisional match between the Bengals and the Ravens on November 30th.


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