22nd Praetorian

A day off today led to a rare painting session, so here's a picture of my army as it now stands. Click for a larger view.

From l-r:

Ratling snipers

Officer - this is the Catachan Lieutenant model. He's going to be either the commander of my second infantry platoon (still unpainted) or the commander of my heavy weapons platoon (see anti-tank squad below).

Sentinel - painted brown. As soon as I get my airbrush working it's going to get tiger stripes.

Command HQ - this is almost exclusively sub or home-made models. The Heroic Senior Officer (Colonel Ironfist) is a Praetorian Commissar, his staff are bits-box jobs, (l-r medic, vox operator, veteran, standard bearer, all just need basing and touch-up), and a random Ogryn as Nork Deddog. Also, in the rear, is an anti-tank support squad which will, eventually, be added to the three lascannon teams I have to make a heavy weapons platoon.

Stormtroopers - these are plastic Cadians. They have a Rhino because I intend using them as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

Armoured Fist squad - These are Steel Legion models.

Infantry Platoon - these are, apart from the Ratlings, the Sentinel, the Rhino and the Chimera, the only models in my army which actually are what they're meant to be. So far there's only two infantry squads, but I have another two unpainted, plus a command squad, so I can either have two platoons of two squads or one of four.

Next on the painting block:

My Rough Riders.

After that, I have five more Steel Legion models which, I believe, will make excellent Hardened Veterans, with red trenchcoats instead of gray.

After that, my three Mordian lascannon teams to make my heavy weapons platoon legal. I also have a single Mordian heavy bolter team, so I'll be looking out for two of either heavy bolters or autocannons to make a fire support squad.

After that, the remaining two infantry squads and their command squad.

Wish list:

Another two sentinels.

More Praetorians for another infantry platoon (or to bolster the two I already have), at least two or three squads.

A Chimera for my Command HQ.

Twenty or so Tallarn Desert Raiders to use as a conscript platoon (I think they'll go nicely with the Zulu feel of the Praetorians).

At least three more Ratlings to bolster the sniper squad.

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