Ghost Rider

There were two people inside my head when I was watching this movie.

The first was prepared to pretend that he'd never read any of the GR comics, and he thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

The second was going to judge the movie against the comics, and he was utterly nonplussed.

As a stand-alone movie, Ghost Rider is great. Absorbing storyline, good characters, excellent special effects.

Against the comics? Not so much.

The first guy thinks this may be one of Nicholas Cage's best movies, and probably the best out of the recent spate of comic conversions.

The second guy wonders why Cage dyed his hair black to play a blonde-haired character.

Guy number 1 loved the whole deal-with-the-devil origin of Ghost Rider.

Guy number 2 kept waiting for Zarathos to put in an appearance, and wondering when Mephisto was promoted to Satan.

Guy A loved the effects.

Guy B was pissed that Ghost Rider was rumbling around on Vengeance's bike.

Both guys agreed that Eva Mendez was hot.

Look: If you're gonna judge this against the comics (and it's almost unavoidable, given how long I've been a fan), the movie is pants. If you just watch it for itself, it's amazing.

Doombreed A rating: * * * * 1/2

Doombreed B rating: * * *

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