Superbowl XLI

Stat Alert: Superbowl XLI 1st half miscues:

5 fumbles - all lost;

Manning interception on first possession;

Indianapolis failed PAT and missed field-goal;

Indianapolis allowed 92 yard kick-off return for TD.

The half-time show with Prince was totally pants.

2nd half:

7.21 left in the 3rd, and Vinatieri puts the Colts up 19-14.

Bud Light comes through again with the "Gorillas" spot. Funny.

But Taco Bell hits back with the "Lions" spot.

3.16 left in the 3rd and the Colts go ahead 22-14 on the boot of Adam Vinatieri.

Nationwide's "Kevin Federline" commercial, directly followed by Bud Light's "hitcher" commercial was almost too awesome for words.

1.14 left in the 3rd and Gould puts three more on the board for the Bears, bringing the game to 22-17.

End of 3rd quarter Colts up 22-17.

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