Superbowl XLI

Well, we're blogging live from the Superbowl.

Okay, from my couch, watching the Superbowl. I'm on my second beer and the Bears are up 7-0 thanks to an opening kickoff being run back. That's the first time in Superbowl history that an opening kickoff has been returned for a TD.

The ads so far are great, the pick being Blockbuster's petstore "clicking the mouse" spot.

Bud Light's "rock paper scissors" spot was pretty funny, too.

6.50 to go in the 1st and the Colts have pulled back to 7-6, thanks to a trademark Manning pass, and a muffed Point-After.

Ad update: Bud Light's "wedding auction" spot - hilarious.

And the Bears fumble the kickoff return, but the Colts are nice enough to give it right back to them.

4.34 to go in the 1st and the Bears score again, 14-6.

And Bud Light are 3 for 3 with Carlos Mencia in the "translation" spot.

End of the first quarter, Bears up by 8.

See you at the half.

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