Superbowl XLI

2nd Quarter.

11.17 to go in the second and Adam Vinatieri slots home a neat field-goal to make it 14-9.

Bud steps up with a cutesy commercial involving a dog.

Incidently, to see the commercials, go to CBS.sportsline.com/superads.

6.09 to go in the 2nd and the Colts go ahead 16-14 thanks to a Rhodes rushing TD.

The Bud Light "slap" commercial is fantastic. Bud Light is winning this by a mile.

Stat Attack: Colts' Joseph Addai is the first rookie Running Back to start in a Superbowl since 1990.

At the end of the half, Vinatieri missed a field-goal, leaving it 16-14 Colts.

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