Fantastic 4 - Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Standard sequel opening - this is, obviously, the sequel to The Fantastic 4 and, as such is more of the same, just a little different. If you liked the first, this has half a chance. If you didn't like the first, you won't like this one either.

Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) and Susan Storm (Jessica Alba) are getting married in the middle of a media circus, mostly caused by Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), who just loves being the centre of attention. A strange glowing comet-like object is whizzing around Earth creating havoc wherever it goes.

You already know what the comet-like thing is - it's the Silver Surfer, probably Marvel's only totally nekkid character.

Richards discovers that wherever the Surfer goes, the planet dies eight days later. If you've read the corresponding comic books, you'll know why.

Okay. Not bad. Lawrence Fishburn does well as the voice of the Silver Surfer, and things are pretty as you'd expect. Stan Lee makes his best cameo to date.

Spoiler; Highlight To Read:

Doom's back. No, not me. Victor Von Doom comes back in this film. Fans will enjoy this. Galactus also does not appear, just some cloud-like special effects.

Oh, and stay for the credits. There's an after-scene.

If you've watched the movie and missed it, highlight for details:

The Silver Surfer survived his battle with Galactus and, at the end of the movie, is seen floating unconscious in space with his board slowly working its way towards him. Galactus isn't dead either.

Overall, a good movie.

Doombreed Rating: * * * * 1/2

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