Paint Week

Paint Week has not gone according to plan. When I first started thinking about this week, I was starting from the position of Mrs Doombreed working all week, leaving me at a loose end for at least five days. Much to my delight, she's been home, so we've been spending time together, something we rarely get to do. Thus, although my week has been great, my painting has been near nonexistent.

Today, I did manage to finish my Praetorian sniper:

And here is the view from the back:

I decided that a sniper did not deserve to have the standard red tunic, white helmet and belt order that regular Praetorians wear, so I gave him a green tunic and tan helmet and belt order, allowing him to blend in a little better. I'm going to call him (and the rest of the unit when I get and paint them) Praetorian Marine sharpshooters on detachment to the 22nd, much like my heavy weapon platoon is on detachment from the Praetorian Artillery.

I have to say this is one of my favourite models. He just looks great.

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