Four Down, Eight To Go

Two pieces of interesting news from home.

The Astute was launched on Monday, four years behind schedule. The biggest attack submarine in the British Navy, she will officially become HMS Astute in 2009 when she enters service. As is traditional, she will be the first in a new class of ships, named after her. The Astute Class will consist of four attack subs - Astute, Ambush, Artful, and Audacious - to be completed over the next few years. For those who like that kind of thing (I do) here is a .pdf with a detailed cutaway drawing of the vessel.

The second piece of news is more sombre. Cpl Rodney Wilson, A Company, 4th Battalion The Rifles, became the 150th member of the British armed forces to die in Iraq. This is neither the time nor the place for rantings for or against the war. Simply remember that people are dying.

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