Good News And Bad

Bad news: Today I started the first of twelve straight days at work.

Good News: At the end of twelve days (now eleven) I have just over a week off.

So.. Paint Week cometh.

I am going to make a painting vow:

By the end of that week, the Praetorian 22nd will be finished.

First, the heavy weapons platoon needs its second squad (lascannons) based, third squad (heavy bolters) done, and command squad done.

Two infantry squads are still bare metal. A second command squad - so I can either field two infantry platoons of two squads or one infantry platoon of four - also needs doing.

The rhino, which I've decided is going to, under the "counts as" convention, serve as my Command HQ's Chimera, will be finished. And if you don't know why I'd put a Command HQ in a rhino, you ain't been in this game long enough.

My lone sentinel needs finishing, so I'll need to dust off the airbrush.

And the Chimera for my Armoured Fist unit needs final details.

If time permits, I'll apply myself to a priest I'm cobbling together from a Praetorian trooper model.

And, once that's all done and not before, I may go on to my Ordo Malleus daemonhunter and retinue.

And I have some slightly insane scenery ideas to play with.

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