The Madness Begins

Ironically, Paint Week's first day did not involve any painting, just some modeling.

First up we have a standard kneeling Praetorian trooper model - "Trooper 6" - who had an irretrievably damaged lasgun when I got him. Well, some cleaning up, plus the barrel of a plastic Cadian lasgun, the scope from an old Space Marine bolter that I had lying around and the handles from some old Space Marine knives, and we have a shiny new Praetorian sniper to paint:

Next, I wedded a mortar model with a pair of Basilisk crew that, if I recall correctly, Wilf gave me, along with some bits from the Imperial tank accessory sprue, to make the bulk of my heavy weapons platoon's command squad:

Details are hard to make out because they're black-on-black, but they'll look better once they're painted.

Lastly, I took scalpel and file to an old Space Marine bike I had lying around the bits box:

Why? Because I'm doing an experiment to see if I can make it look suitable as an Imperial Guard jetbike. See, I loved the old jetbikes, and they would make excellent Rough Riders. I'm quite pleased with the result. You can't see it from the picture above, but the footplate has been placed on the back, and those foot rests look very nice as jets.

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