Harry Not Going To Iraq

In a dramatic u-turn, the British Army has announced that HRH Prince Harry won't be going to Iraq with his unit after all.

The worst part for the Prince has to be the conflict of emotions. Harry's a smart kid and I'm sure he understands that his presence in Iraq would represent an unnecessary risk, both to himself (which is acceptable) and to his fellow soldiers (which is not), but he's also got to be feeling annoyed that his position is keeping him out of a job he's earned.

Of course, there are those who are missing the point entirely, talking of rank and privilege, that Harry's life is worth more than any other soldier's, but these people - or others just like him - would be just as pissed if he'd been deployed and ended up endangering others.

People who write to local rags and sign themselves "Angry from Dunstable" or "Annoyed in Leighton Buzzard."

Idiots, in other words.

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